Improving Your Body is Everyone's Dream

It requires three important ingredients to create the ultimate body
that you desire:

1) Well defined workout regimen (with written plan)
2) Mental strength and focus
3) Balanced nutritional program designed for your specific needs

If you have been actively pursuing your fitness goals and have reached a plateau, it is time to consider a change in your training approach.

Personal Training

I will guide you to your next fitness level through extreme focus and support. A program will be designed to fit your special needs, taking in consideration, your unique business environment, daily stress and nutritional intake.

My Qualifications:

*NCEP certified personal trainer
*Nutritional consultant (Specialize in Japanese foods)
*Active participant in bodybuilding and figure competitions
*2005 California championships bodybuilding lightweights 2nd place
*U.S RYA certified Yoga teacher
*Hado Therapist
*Theata Healing Therapist
*Certified Layola Marmount Collage, Yoga Therapist
Rx Level 1
*Joy Healing Therapist
*Certified Thai Massage

If you have any questions or need information,
feel free to call me at (310) 493-5299


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